Consumer information about the Practice's prescribing policy

8 Jul 2021 12:36 PMTandem Health
Consumer information about the Practice's prescribing policy

Purpose: To inform patients about the Practice’s standards regarding the prescription of drugs of dependence.

Some medications prescribed for pain management have the potential to become addictive. Of concern are ‘drugs of dependence’ (eg opioid medications and benzodiazepines), particularly when these are prescribed on an ongoing basis.

To ensure that we provide adequate treatment of your medical condition please be aware of the following requirements:

  • It is important that new patients to the Practice provide accurate medical information to their treating doctor about existing medical conditions in order to allow their treating doctor to make an informed decision about ongoing care. It may take time to get accurate medical information about your condition. Until such information is available, your doctor may choose not to prescribe any opioid medication until they have a full clinical picture.

  • Your doctor may decide not to continue prescribing an opioid medication previously prescribed for you. It may be determined that such a medication is not suitable. It is our policy that doctors do not prescribe drugs of dependence if they feel that previous prescriptions were inappropriate.

  • Your doctor will evaluate your condition and only prescribe an opioid of the strength necessary for you. This may be different than what another doctor may have given you in the past.

  • If the decision to prescribe a ‘drug of dependence’ is taken after a shared discussion of goals, plans, risks and benefits, you may be required to confirm your consent in writing.

  • You may be asked to sign an agreement that will detail our Practice’s expectations when prescribing drugs of dependence. This contract details your responsibilities as a patient taking a drug of dependence, any prescriptions issues, advice on taking your medications, how we will monitor your care, and the standards of behaviour that are expected. The agreement is not a legally binding contract.

  • You may need to acknowledge that your care requirements are complex, and that referral for ongoing care for all or part of your healthcare may be required. It is our Practice policy that patient care is matched with the level of complexity.

  • Patients are reminded that we have a zero tolerance policy on issues relating to staff abuse. Any threats to staff will result in transfer of your care.

  • Please be aware - restricted medications generally require a face-to-face consultation. Telehealth consultations for some prescriptions are available to eligible patients at the doctors’ discretion.

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