We are committed to ensuring patients receive quality support services and suitable Aged Care options 

Our Doctors regularly visit over 26 Aged Care Facilities located throughout the northern end of the Gold Coast and have done so for many years.

Planning for the future is important…what’s the first step?

Knowledge is key and awareness of the services available can result in better outcomes. The Government’s My Aged Care is a one stop resource for information and advice regarding Aged Care services and support.

The My Aged Care contact centre and website (1800 200 422 / www.myagedcare.gov.au) is a great starting point for all things aged care.

Our Doctors are also here to assist

Our Doctors and Nursing staff are always happy to help those considering arrangements for the future.

If you are seeking aged care services, we recommend making an appointment with your Doctor to discuss care needs. Your Doctor can submit a referral to My Aged Care.

The My Aged Care Assessment team will contact you to arrange a face to face assessment to determine the level or care and support required.

The assessment takes place and The My Aged Care team works with you to ensure suitable care arrangements are made. A report is also sent back to your Doctor.

Gold Coast Aged Care options and support services may include, assistance at home, Aged Care homes, respite care and transition care.

Being prepared allows for smooth transitions, prompt support and the ability to reassess as needs change.

For further Gold Coast Aged Care options and information please refer to our Patient Resources page. Resources include a comprehensive support pack for Carers and more.