information for patients of doctors providing services from the Labrador Medical Centre

LABRADOR medical centre

07 5552 1888


FACILITY Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 7:30am - 5:00pm.

Closed weekends and public holidays.

Independent medical practitioners providing services from these rooms set their own consulting hours and sessions within facility opening hours. Independent medical practitioner sessions are likely to vary from time to time.

After Hours medical Services

For emergency assistance please always dial 000.

If you call when rooms are closed, you will be transferred to Chevron After Hours in Nerang Street Southport. Chevron After Hours provides an after hours service to patients of doctors consulting from this location. Alternatively you can call the After Hours service direct on 5532 8666.

Alternative options for after hours medical care within the local community are also available via internet search should you require medical attention outside of doctor consulting hours.

Accidents and emergencies

If you call with an urgent medical matter it is important that you tell the receptionist as soon as the telephone is answered that you have an urgent problem and then give a clear explanation of the situation. You will either be advised to come to the rooms immediately or your doctor may call an Ambulance to come to you.



Independent medical practitioners consulting from the Labrador Medical Centre rooms operate their own independent private medical practice with accounts paid at the time of consultation. 

Doctors are independent service providers and each set their own fees. Fees outlined below are indicative of the range of fees patients should expect to pay. Please speak with your doctor about their specific fees and charges. 

Fees are subject to change and are likely to differ between doctors. Fees are set to increase from 1 November 2023.  

Doctor consultation fees are based on a combination of time spent (rather than time booked), consultation complexity and volume of items addressed. 

Should your doctor choose to bulk bill a privately billed service, bulk billing may not automatically continue for future consultations with your doctor or other doctors consulting from these rooms.


Fees range from 1 November 2023 

Consultation fee ranges for patients 16 years and over from 1 November 2023

Standard face to face consultation after 8am (6-15mins) $89.00

Standard extended face to face consultation afer 8am (16-19mins) $102.00-$112.00

Long face to face consultation after 8am (20-30mins) $146.00-$159.00

Prolonged face to face consultation after 8am (40-45mins) $192.00-$217.00

New patient consultation after 8am (20-30mins) $159.00-$178.00

New patient low carb consultation with Dr Mulcahy(45mins) $250.00

Telephone consultation (6-15mins) From $89.00

Standard face to face consultation before 8am (6-15mins) $106.00

Standard extended face to face consultation before 8am (16-19mins) $116.00-$126.00

Long face to face consultation before 8am (20-30mins) $162.00-$175.00

Prolonged face to face consultation before 8am (40-45mins) $208.00-$233.00

New patient face to face consultation before 8am (20-30mins) $172.00-$191.00

Out of pocket after rebate range approximately $45.00-$104.00 (excluding low carb consultations)


Consultation fee ranges for age pension and commonwealth seniors card holders from 1 November 2023

Standard face to face consultation after 8am (6-15mins) $66.00

Standard extended face to face consultation after 8am (16-19mins) $69.00-$71.00

Long face to face consultation including Pensioner new patient after 8am(20-30mins) $109.00-$120.00

Prolonged face to face consultation after 8am (40-45mins) $147.00-$168.00

New patient low carb Dr Mulcahy(45mins) $250.00

Telephone consultation (6-15mins) From $66.00


Standard face to face consultation before 8am (6-15mins) $79.00

Standard extended face to face consultation before 8am (16-19mins) $82.00-$84.00

Long face to face consultation including Pensioner new patient before 8am (20-30mins) $122.00-$133.00

Prolonged face to face consultation before 8am (40-45mins) $160.00-$181.00

Out of pocket after rebate range approximately $21.00-$52.00 (excluding low carb consultations)


Most doctors consulting from these rooms offer bulk billing to the following patient groups (please confirm with your doctor):

  • Children aged 15 years and under 
  • Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Gold and White Card holders (noting some doctors may charge a private fee for some services)

Most doctors consulting from these rooms offer bulk billing for the following services for their patients (please confirm with your doctor):

  • Dressings (if dressings and other items, private charges may apply)
  • Chronic Disease Management and Special Condition Clinics
  • Over 75 Health Assessments
  • Some Care Plans / EPC (private fee may apply with select doctors)

Procedures and excisions 
Procedures and excisions are privately billed by doctors consulting from these rooms. Reduced excision fees may apply for age pension and commonwealth seniors card holders, as determined by each independent service provider. Medicare rebates typically apply. Please speak with your doctor for information about their procedure and excision arrangements.   

Telephone consultations
Telephone consultations are available for eligible patients, as per Medicare requirements and where a telephone consultation is deemed appropriate by your doctor. I.e. you have seen your doctor face to face at least once within the last 3 - 6 months. If your doctor is unavailable and you have not recently seen another doctor consulting from these rooms face to face, a face to face consultation will be required (unless the telephone consultation relates to cold, flu, COVID-19 symptoms and or diagnosis only). Telephone consultations attract private fees and Medicare rebates. Specific criteria apply relating to prescriptions. 

For your convenience doctors participate in the Medicare online claiming service, allowing rebates to be received quickly without a visit to a Medicare branch. 

Consultations before 8:00am attract a slightly higher fee and higher Medicare rebate. 

Doctors require WorkCover consultation fees be paid on the day and reimbursement sought from WorkCover. 

For further information and assistance relating to fees and billing, please speak with support staff or your doctor. 

Making Appointments

Face to face and telephone consultations available. Phone 07 5552 1888 for appointments with doctors providing services from Labrador Medical Centre' rooms. 

Doctors consulting from these rooms run on an appointment system and encourage you to book appointments in advance. However, doctors are mindful that sickness is unpredictable and often sudden. Your doctor is here to help you.

If you are extremely unwell or you are worried about waiting to see your doctor, please either make your way to the practice immediately or call us to seek advice regarding options. If you are suffering unrelieved chest pain or symptoms suggestive of a stroke, having trouble breathing, bleeding excessively, experiencing a severe allergic reaction or any other medical emergency you should immediately call an Ambulance – Dial 000.

Appointments are made at 15 minute or 30 minute intervals. If you require extended time with your doctor to address multiple concerns, or would like your doctor to see more than one person, please inform support staff at the time of booking so we can allocate sufficient time.

Fit in/walk in appointments are limited and reserved for urgent items requiring immediate attention. These appointments are for a single issue for a single patient requiring immediate attention on the day. Fit in appointments are up to 10 minutes in length unless clinically indicated. All other appointments are booked ahead of time where possible. All appointments are for a single patient. 

Nobody likes to be kept waiting and doctors strive to adhere to their appointment schedule. However, the unpredictable nature of general practice is such that doctors sometimes have to run behind time. Doctors regret any inconvenience caused in this regard.

Patients of doctors consulting from these rooms also have the option to book a range of appointments online via the HotDoc App, HotDoc website or by clicking on the 'book appointment' button anywhere it appears on this website.  

If you are unable to make your appointment please let us know in advance. A missed appointment means another patient on the Doctor’s wait list misses out on care. From December 2023 nonattendance fees may apply for missed appointments without a cancellation call.


Facilities for people with a disability

Disabled parking is available in the East side car park and wheelchair access is available via the main entrances to the practice facility.  Should you have any special needs, please discuss them with the receptionist or your doctor.



For privacy and security reasons personal, health and or medical/clinical information is not generally accepted or disclosed via email, unless specific permission has been given by the patient for this form of communication. By giving permission the recipient accepts that there are risks associated with some methods of electronic communications (i.e unencrypted email) and privacy and confidentiality may be compromised. Risks could include: the information could be intercepted or read by someone other than the intended recipient. Electronic communications could also be forwarded, printed and stored by others. Please contact the Labrador Medical Centre via telephone for options (07 5552 1888).

Email inboxes and fax machines are monitored during facility opening hours only (7:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday, public holidays excluded). Email inboxes and fax machines are unattended when the rooms are closed.  All matters from Residential Aged Care Facilities relating to Residential Aged Care patients should be faxed to 07 5591 5328, remembering that email inboxes and fax machines are unattended when this facility is closed.  If you require urgent medical assistance do not wait for an email reply – immediately call 000 or these rooms on 07 5552 1888. If you call when the rooms are closed, you will be transferred to Chevron After Hours in Nerang Street Southport. Chevron After Hours provides a deputising service to patients of doctors consulting from this location. Alternatively, you can call Chevron After Hours Direct on 07 5532 8666.  Please do not send general patient requests to your doctor via email, please call 07 5552 1888 so we can assist you promptly and efficiently. 


In line with the Australian Privacy Principles

The Labrador Medical Centre is an APP compliant facility. Doctors consulting from these rooms adhere to required external privacy and compliance requirements. It is important that you understand how your personal health information may be used in your healthcare. Patients of doctors consulting from these rooms should read the Privacy and Consent sections of this website. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the management of your health records, please speak with your doctor.

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this facility and independent medical practitioners consulting from these rooms to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised personnel. 

The facility Privacy Policy is available in the Privacy and Consent section of this website (hard copies also available upon request). Links to independent medical practitioner privacy policies are also available in the same location. 


Access to patient health records

Patients requiring access to their medical record should make an appointment to discuss this process with their doctor. Administration and management teams can also explain records transfer and access processes and assist accordingly.