LABRADOR medical centre

07 5552 1888



Do doctors consulting from these rooms accept new patients? Generally yes, however from time to time some doctors may limit their books for short periods to allow for availability for their current patients. Please speak with our reception team or information about appointment availability. 

Do doctors provide a house call/home visit service as a routine appointment choice? Generally no. However, where safe and reasonable and at each independent providers discretion, doctors may make visits to their regular long-term patients in their homes, Aged or Residential Care Facilities. Some doctors consulting from these rooms regularly visit local Residential Aged Care Facilities. Home and other visits are a suitable care alternative and the provision of a home or other visit is determined by certain criteria and by each independent medical practitioner. For patients whose circumstances are deemed not safe and or reasonable for a home visit, details of alternative home visit and after hours medical services available on the Gold Coast can be provided. 

Where can I park at the Labrador Medical Centre? Patients are welcome to park in the East (off Ahern Street) and West (off Central Street) car parks. Disabled parking is available in the East side car park.  Free street parking is also available in surrounding streets.

Children, babies and patients feeling too ill to sit in the waiting room…how does this work? Facilities for parents with babies are available upon request. If you feel ill while waiting to see your doctor, please notify reception so we can attend to your needs.



What should I do in the case of a medical emergency? Medical emergencies do happen and it’s important to know what to do. Delaying treatment is not recommended, please act immediately. Call 000 or these rooms to seek help. In extreme cases immediate attention at a Hospital Emergency Department may be required and an ambulance may be called.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, other worrying symptoms or any medical emergency, call 000 immediately.

  • Chest pain, suspected heart attack or stroke 
  • Trouble breathing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Poisoning
  • Severe allergic reaction

Please be mindful that emergencies arise regularly and may cause your doctor to run behind time. Your understanding is appreciated.

What if I need to see a doctor when the rooms are closed? When the rooms are closed, please ring the facility telephone number 07 5552 1888. You will be transferred to Chevron After Hours in Nerang Street Southport.  Chevron After Hours provides an after hours service to patients of doctors consulting from these rooms. Alternatively you can call the After Hours service direct on 5532 8666.  For Emergency assistance please always dial 000.

I would like to speak with my doctor on the telephone, is this possible? Doctors consulting from these rooms will take telephone calls relating to you or your family's health. This may be via a pre-booked telephone consultation. Telephone consultations are available for eligible patients and where appropriate. Telephone consultations generally attract a private charge with Medicare rebate. If you are calling about a family member, please remember doctors and support staff are constrained by strict privacy regulations when discussing patients. I.e. the patient is required to be present during the telephone call. 

How do I obtain test results? Most results are back within a few days. An appointment with your doctor is required to discuss results. Telephone consultation options are available where appropriate. Please be aware, doctors consulting from these rooms do not automatically contact their patients regarding all test results. Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your results. Doctors will arrange for contact to be made for clinically significant results received. Online booking is available. Download the HotDoc App or click on the book appointment button anywhere on this website to make your follow up appointment with your doctor.   

How do I obtain, prescriptions, medical certificates and specialist referrals? An appointment with your doctor is required for all prescriptions, medical certificates and for referrals to specialists and/or other health professionals. Where possible please make your appointment to obtain prescriptions, medical certificates and specialist referrals in advance. 

My relative lives in an Aged Care Facility, what if I need to meet with my relative's visiting doctor? Doctors understand family members may need to meet with their relative's treating doctor. As doctors regularly visit each care facility, family members can arrange to meet the doctor at the facility on the day the doctor does his/her rounds. Facility staff can advise when the doctor will be visiting next. Please be aware that doctors do not, as a general rule, meet with family members in rooms/or discuss patients over the telephone. The doctor may also need to liaise with facility nursing staff. Doctors are constrained by strict privacy regulations and prefer to meet together with both the family member or guardian and the patient.


Your Consultation

Important: Whilst waiting to go into consultation with your doctor, please tell reception immediately if you are experiencing or suffering from a high-risk condition such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness or limb weakness, severe pain, rash, cold, flu, covid symptoms or deteriorating symptoms of any sort. You may require emergency assistance. Please alert reception as soon as possible, please do not sit and wait to be seen.

I want to book an appointment online, is this possible? Yes, online booking is available to established patients of doctors consulting at these rooms for some types of appointments. Simply download the HotDoc App or click on ‘Book an Appointment’ anywhere it shows on this website and follow the prompts. If you can't find the type of appointment you are looking to book via the online booking options, please call 5552 1888 so our team can assist with your booking, as not all appointment types can be booked online. Online booking is not currently available for new patient initial consultations.  If you are a new patient please call 5552 1888 to make your first appointment. Online booking will be available to you after your first visit. 

Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in? Doctors run on an appointment system and encourage you to book appointments in advance where possible. Walk in appointments are available for emergency situations only. Speak with our team to make your appointment or download the HotDoc App to book online

My child is sick, we don’t have an appointment booked, what should I do? Unwell children should be seen as soon as possible and doctors make time to see unwell children on the day. Doctors accept fit-ins for sick children who are already registered as a patient of a doctor consulting from these rooms. Please speak with our reception team. 

What if I need an interpreter for my appointment? Interpreters can be arranged for you. Doctors work closely with translating services on the Gold Coast and can arrange an onsite or telephone interpreter for your appointment.

Can I specifically request to see a male or female doctor on the Gold Coast at these rooms? Yes, both male and female doctors consult from the Labrador Medical Centre rooms.

Can I claim a rebate from Medicare for my consultation? Yes, a Medicare rebate can be claimed for most consultations. Some private services do not attract a Medicare rebate. Our reception team or your doctor can provide information about your doctor's specific fees and rebates. 

I have several items to discuss with my doctor, can this all be done in one consultation? If you have multiple items to discuss with your doctor please book a long appointment or a couple of appointments to allow sufficient time for the doctor to address each item.

Do doctors offer chaperones for consultations? Yes. Chaperones are available. 

If I am unable to attend my consultation, do I need to let my doctor know? Yes please, doctors appreciate a call to reception if you are unable to attend as planned. 

My doctor occasionally bulk bills my consultation, does this mean I will be bulk billed for future consultations? Please refer to the indicative fees and billing information contained on the information page of this website. 

Do doctors bulk bill all telephone consultations? Most telephone consultations attract a private fee with Medicare rebate. Please refer to the fees section on the information page of this website.  

Can any patient have a telephone consultation with any doctor? Unfortunately no. Certain Medicare requirements must be met to allow a telephone consultation. I.e. telephone consultations are for regular patients of doctors consulting from these rooms who have seen their doctor face to face at least once within the last 3-6 months. Telephone consultations are always booked with a doctor you have seen before. If the doctor has not seen you before, a telephone consultation will only be available after the first face to face appointment. 

What if I need to have a blood test, can I do this at this location? Yes, there is a QML Pathology branch co-located in the Labrador Medical Centre West Wing. 

I require opiate or restricted medications, do doctors consulting from these rooms prescribe opiate and or restricted medications? Opiate and or restricted medications may only be prescribed by your doctor after your needs have been addressed and previous medical records have been obtained from your previous treating doctor. Restricted medications require a face-to-face consultation for each prescription. Telehealth consultations for some prescriptions are available to eligible patients at each doctor’s discretion and where recent face-to-face consultation has occurred with the prescribing doctor.