COVID-19 and Pre-employment Medical Examinations

7 Apr 2020 2:57 PMTandem Health
COVID-19 and Pre-employment Medical Examinations

SPIROMETRY SERVICES UPDATE AS AT 7 MAY 2020 - Spirometry services have now recommenced and can be provided as part of pre-employment medical examinations.  


As at April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the changed environment require adjustments to how we deliver pre-employment medical examinations going forward.  Please carefully read the information provided below and feel free to contact our team on 5552 1888 should you have any further questions or queries. 

Applicant pre-screening and possible rescheduling
We will require an applicant telephone number before we can confirm any booking, as our team will contact applicants for pre-screening prior to arrival to ensure that the applicant does not meet any COVID-19 criteria i.e. recent travel, exposure to a confirmed case and or any cold, flu or COVID-19 like symptoms – if so the examination can be rescheduled.  In the interest of minimising infection risks, we reserve the right to reschedule any bookings where an applicant answers yes to any of the COVID-19 screening questions or refuses or fails to disclose.   

Cancellations and non-arrivals due to suspected or confirmed COVID-19
Cancellation or non-arrival fees will not be charged for assessments that are cancelled or re-scheduled due to likely, suspected or confirmed COVID-19.  

Spirometry services have been suspended
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic; we are currently unable to provide spirometry services at the Labrador Medical Centre. Medicals that have a mandatory / essential spirometry component can still be completed without the spirometry component. We can provide an interim outcome on the medical assessment with the requirement to rebook the applicant for the spirometry at a later date. There will be no additional charge for spirometry or consultation where the applicant is required to re-attend for finalisation.  Please refer to update above regarding spirometry services recommencing in early May 2020. 

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