Driving after the age of 75

25 Oct 2017 10:36 PMTandem Health

Have you recently turned 75? If so, happy belated birthday!

Did you know…from age 75 you are required to hold a certificate from your Doctor confirming your fitness to drive?

Your fitness to drive certificate is issued after thorough assessment by your regular Doctor and may include specific conditions that apply to your driving. It’s important to carry your certificate at all times when operating a vehicle.

Driving assessments need to be conducted by your regular Doctor or a Doctor who is familiar with your medical history.

Some medical conditions also require specialist assessment. If this is the case your Doctor will refer you to a specialist and await their report.

Your Doctor may also require you to undergo a practical driving assessment with an independent instructor. This assessment and the instructor’s report can assist the Doctor when determining fitness to drive.

Certificates can be issued for a maximum of 13 months, however your Doctor may choose a more regular review timeframe depending on your circumstances.

If you know your medical certificate is due for review, it’s a good idea to book your appointment in advance. Assessments generally take around 30 minutes, therefore please ask for a long appointment when booking.

During your assessment you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any health conditions that may impact your driving ability. Always be sure to disclose any new medical conditions or concerns to your Doctor.

Driving assessments not only ensure your safety on the road, they also protect others. So, if you’ve just turned 75 or your certificate is due for renewal, chat with our friendly reception team today to make your appointment.