Healthy food swaps - food for thought

13 Jul 2019 2:56 PMTandem Health
Healthy food swaps - food for thought

Have a look at the simple healthy food swaps we’ve shared below.

This is general information only but might get you thinking about how you could make your plate healthier, heartier and more nutritious. Please always seek individualised dietary advice from your Doctor or health professional.

White bread, rice, pasta, flour | SWAP | Wholemeal varieties including quinoa

Soft drinks | SWAP | Sparkling water with lemon juice

Ultra processed snacks | SWAP | Fresh food without a long ingredients label. I.e. a banana

Chips | SWAP | Air popped popcorn

Flavoured yogurt | SWAP | Plain Greek yogurt

Processed meats | SWAP | Fresh cuts with minimal fat

Alcohol | SWAP | Make every second drink a glass of water

Mayonnaise | SWAP | Avocado

Desserts | SWAP | Dark chocolate

Granola / Sugary cereals | SWAP | Oats

Added salt | SWAP | Herbs, spices, ginger, garlic

Lollies | SWAP | Grapes or dates

Milkshake | SWAP | Fresh juice or homemade smoothie

Store bought cakes | SWAP | Home-made, halve the sugar and use wholemeal flour

Hot chips | SWAP | Oven roasted sweet potato chips

Salted nuts | SWAP | Raw nuts or natural nut butters

Store bought salad dressing | SWAP | Olive oil, balsamic and lemon juice

Ice cream | SWAP | Fruit salad or blended frozen bananas

Chocolate Bar | SWAP | Banana or strawberries dipped in a dark chocolate

Garlic Bread | SWAP | Side salad, extra veggies or wholemeal pita bread

Chips and dip | SWAP | Vege sticks and hummus

Frequent takeaway | SWAP | Healthy pre-prepared meal service

Custard | SWAP | Greek yogurt and fresh fruit

Meat pie | SWAP | Home-made slow cooker stew