Healthy habits really can enrich a life

1 Jul 2018 7:19 PMTandem Health
Healthy habits really can enrich a life

Take our very own Dr Steve Shepherd for example…he’s been running since 1981 and the knees and body haven’t worn out so far.

Today Steve ran his 25th Gold Coast Half Marathon right past the doors of the Southport Medical Centre. Well done Dr Steve! 

Over the years Steve has run many other half marathons in locations such as Noosa, Brisbane and even Switzerland.  He’s also successfully completed 15 on and off road full marathons (yes he is nuts) in New York, Paris, New Zealand, Red Rock, Townsville, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We are tired just thinking about it!  He sure is fast, we know that due to the speed he runs from the building each afternoon after a big day consulting :). 

We asked Steve what motivates him to continue running.  Apparently it’s  not just his collection of marathon t-shirts or the travel, but instead the belief that aerobic exercise like running is the cheapest and easiest  way to keep a healthy body and  mind.  

Today’s motivation however, was to run alongside his son Matthew, a half marathon first timer. We are pleased to report they both finished with a smile. 

“Healthy habits such as running, walking, yoga, or anything you enjoy have a wonderful capability to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.  Running has become a bit of a habit you could say, it’s just part of my life, it’s enriched my life and I hope to continue,” says Steve.  

However Steve mentions, “It’s important to understand that healthy habits don’t need to be half marathons, they can be small positive changes like a regular walk, more time outdoors or a healthy meal.  At the end of the day, everything counts if it makes you feel healthier.”

Keep an eye out for our inspirational Dr Steve pounding the pavement in the pursuit of his next marathon journey….there’s always another one coming up. For now we hope he’s sitting back with his feet up!