HotDoc (our online appointment booking provider) stance on patient data

25 Aug 2020 1:59 PMTandem Health
HotDoc (our online appointment booking provider) stance on patient data

Statement from HotDoc (our online appointment booking provider)

In light of the recent ACCC ruling against another online booking provider sharing of patient personal information to private health insurance brokers and publishing misleading patient reviews, we have had both practices and patients reach out this week seeking clarification on how HotDoc manages the information provided to us.

We want to take this moment to reiterate that HotDoc does not and will never sell any patient information to third parties. Everything we do is underpinned by our mission: to improve the health care experience for everyone in Australia.

Due to the amount of press coverage, many patients are understandably concerned and seeking more information from practices on how their booking provider handles their information.

We can confidently advise patients that by using HotDoc their information and privacy is maintained and HotDoc does not sell or misuse patient information, nor engage third parties for advertising purposes.

Patients can read HotDoc's Privacy Policy that can be found online or in-app that has a more detailed breakdown on how we do and do not use their information in clear language so as to be as transparent as possible.