Mindfulness for Life

19 Jan 2018 12:48 PMTandem Health
Mindfulness for Life

Our minds are constantly active. We might be watching TV but also thinking about the past, worrying about something or wondering what we’re going to have for dinner…and it’s only 7:30am! Sound familiar?

Life is fast paced and we are often juggling, thinking and planning simultaneously, our minds are on overdrive. We rarely do one thing at a time and our attention is constantly interrupted.

What if we SLOWED DOWN, remained focused on one thing at a time and lived in the moment?

What if we paid close attention during simple every day tasks such as driving or brushing our teeth rather than completing these things on autopilot whilst thinking about something else? What if we were mindful, could we improve our health?

Technically, yes!

Mindfulness is a practiced way of thinking which includes focusing on the present moment by training our minds not to think about past or future events. Mindfulness promotes a sense of calm and may deliver health benefits such as improved memory and coping skills, reduced stress and enhanced concentration, self awareness and general mental health.

Mindfulness allows us to properly experience our life as it happens, rather than skipping back and forward and missing the array of sights, sensations, experiences and emotions along the way .

We can be mindful by focusing our breath and mind and paying attention to what is happening here and now. By simply slowing down and re-focusing our thoughts each time we find our minds wandering beyond the present moment we are being mindful.

Give it a try and see what you stumble upon.