Self care - Take a little time to do something that makes you feel great

8 Oct 2019 8:46 PMTandem Health
Self care - Take a little time to do something that makes you feel great

The business of life often means we overlook the value of regular self care. Whether it's a relaxing break, organising your physical and mental space or trying something new, self care is all about you!

Perhaps you’re a parent, a carer, or a busy professional (or maybe you’re all three). Regardless of circumstances it is beneficial to step back, recharge and regroup from time to time, even if just for a few moments whenever time allows.

Here’s a few simple self care suggestion:

Make time for time out

Switch off your phone for a day

Read a book

Have an afternoon nap

Try a new recipe

Go for a swim in the ocean

Catch up for a coffee with a friend

Watch a feel good movie

Enjoy some alone time

Drink more water

Connect with a friend

Sleep in

Try saying nothing negative for 24hrs

Declutter your physical space

Spend time outdoors

Prepare a few healthy meals ahead of time

Book in for any over due health checks

Spend a weekend doing something you love

Listen to your favourite song

Have a long bath

Go for a walk in your lunch break, actually take a short break!

Listen to an inspiring podcast

Relax at home in your pjs

Research a place you'd like to visit

Go for a bush walk

Try some gentle stretching before bed and again when you wake up

Put a little time aside for your hobbies

Take a genuine break, even an hour here an there is beneficial

Do something fun with your kids, no chores, no errands, just fun

Slow down, breathe deeply

Take your medication as prescribed and speak with your doctor if unsure about anything

Commit to giving up a bad habit

Take a day trip to somewhere you've always wanted to explore

Start a vegie garden or do something in nature

Try some light exercise