Success of persistence is real

15 May 2018 6:08 PMTandem Health
Success of persistence is real

We have an inspirational patient journey we’d like to share which illustrates that goal setting is beneficial, support is crucial and motivation and hard work can change a life.

Journey to success….

Background: Excess weight and accompanying health issues prevented this patient from living her best life.

Achievement: Weight loss in excess of 60kgs in 2 years - a truly amazing effort!

How: Regular exercise, hard work, joining a professional weight loss program, support networks at the local gym and amongst fellow weight loss program members, but most of all, unwavering belief and determination to make a change.

As children we are active, we play sports, we move, but as life progresses we take on new responsibilities and commitments. Our levels of activity tend to decline and our dietary choices could always be better. The years go by, we continue with the same habits. We try various methods to control or reduce weight and improve our health, but it’s difficult to commit and make a lasting change because life is busy! However, some of us make a choice or experience a major life or health event that motivates us to really make a change, for good.

After small successes over the years our patient found herself at her heaviest point. The catalyst for change was seeing a photo of herself on social media, her choice to change was made. Something as simple as a gym membership and time at the gym acted as the ultimate stress buster. Fellow weight loss program members became the greatest support network and her success was recognised in many areas of her life. As each goal was reached, she set a new one and it felt great.

Current goal: How life has changed! She is now training for a 35km walk (46,000 steps in one day) to help people living with Mitochondrial disease and support the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to develop better treatments and find a cure. Mitochondrial disease is a terminal disease that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and can affect anyone at any age.

The saying…nothing will change if we keep doing the same holds a lot of truth. This patient certainly made some great choices that have transformed her life, her outlook and her understanding of health in general. There were tough times too, there were setbacks and it was hard. However with each little success, she persisted.

We asked her if she had any advice for others wanting to improve their health through weight loss, here’s what she shared:

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

“Find an exercise or activity that you enjoy, because you will stick with it.”

“My weight loss support group is one of the best around, make sure you find one that educates you on how  to eat, not what to eat.”

“My why and my motivation was and still is my physical health. What kept me going was my support group and also the more I achieved the more determined I was to get to my goal weight.”

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement and to all of our other patients doing great things to live their best life. Keep up the good work!