We listened to your feedback…and we are making improvements

7 Sep 2020 12:31 PM
We listened to your feedback…and we are making improvements

We recently carried out a feedback survey exercise (the Practice Accreditation and Improvement Survey) and asked for your honest opinions regarding the services we provide.  The overall results were extremely positive, however we listened to your feedback and have taken the following actions in order to make improvements.

What you told us: The wait time is sometimes too long.  

What we have done: We understand and are always seeking ways to reduce wait times.  As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.  Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of medicine is such that Doctors often encounter emergencies, which can cause them to run behind time. Here’s what we’re doing to try and reduce wait times: Limiting double bookings, allocation of an emergency Doctor each day, may look to increase standard appointment lengths for some Doctors, reminders to staff to always inform patients if the Doctor looks to be running behind time, increased catch-up and block off times in Doctor schedules, reminders to patients to book extended appointments where required, continue to offer telephone consultations as a convenience service with no wait time in the Practice. 

What you told us: You’re not entirely happy with the after-hours service. 
What we have done: Please be aware, the Labrador Medical Centre is not an after-hours service provider. However, we do have a formal after-hours deputising arrangement in place with Chevron After Hours in Nerang Street Southport. When we are closed, our telephones automatically transfer to Chevron After Hours who provides an after-hours service to patients. There are alternative choices for after-hours care within our local community and we have made this information more readily available via our reception team.

What you told us: You’d like more access to home or other visits. 

What we have done: The Doctors regularly visit many local Residential Aged Care Facilities and have done so for many years. It’s important to be aware, the Practice doesn’t offer home visits as a general rule. Home visits are only provided on occasion and at the Doctor’s discretion. Telephone consultations are available to eligible patients, meaning your Doctor is available via telephone when you are unable to attend face to face and where appropriate. Home visit providers are available within the community and we have made contact information for these services more readily available via reception. 

What you told us: You’d like more waiting room space.

What we have done: We appreciate this feedback and previously increased waiting room space via the creation of a second waiting room area on the West Wing of the Practice and additional nurse waiting areas.  An outdoor seating / waiting area is also available.  You are of course welcome to arrive, call reception to check in and wait in the car until your Doctor is ready for your consultation.  

What you told us: Reception staff need to be more welcoming at times and you’d like better listening when making appointments. 
What we have done: It is always good to receive feedback so we can continue to improve our service delivery. We aim to make everyone feel welcome at all times and appreciate a welcoming smile goes a long way. Our frontline teams have been under increased pressure during the pandemic, but have been made aware and will continue to strive for improvement. 


What you told us: You’d like to be given more information about costs.

What we have done: Consultation fee, costing and rebate information is displayed throughout the Practice. However, we’ve also added basic fee information to the Surgery Information page on the Tandem Health website. Staff can provide further fee information anytime and on request.  

We also received many positive comments from survey participants, some of which are included below:

Great practice. Excellent. Well managed. I have been attending this clinic for many years and have nothing but satisfaction to pass on. Service is excellent. A particular doctor is excellent. I have been very satisfied and continue to be. Happy client. Staff and my doctor are excellent (that's why I travel a distance for my consultations). Always found staff and doctors always excellent. Keeping doing what they're doing because they're caring staff and doctors are respectful and caring. Thank you. Keep up the great work. All staff are very good. No improvement needed. Don't change anything. I love you all as you are. Great job! This practice can accept good and bad feedback and act around the situation too. I am very satisfied. No improvement needed. Could not be better. I'm happy as is. Stay as they are. Carry on. Very happy with everything. Couldn't better overall care and respect shown by staff and doctors. No improvements needed. Excellent overall. Everything is number one, no improvement needed.