What can I do TODAY to improve MY health?

13 Oct 2017 5:04 PMTandem Health
What can I do TODAY to improve MY health?

Have a think about the following question…What can I do TODAY to improve my health?

Asking this question regularly can help create small but manageable health goals that really do make a difference to quality of life.

A collection of tiny adjustments can have a positive impact on our overall lifestyle and wellbeing. The big picture can be overwhelming, challenging, too hard. Often this is very true and sometimes out of our control. However, some (but of course not all) things can vastly improve with simple, logical changes to daily habits and thoughts.

Key idea – it’s not all physical! ‘Health’ also includes our emotional and mental outlook on life. Improving mental health often leads to remarkable physical improvements too. 

We asked around and here’s some of the ideas others had about how they can improve their health today.

  • Prepare a healthy dinner in advance ready for a busy day ahead.
  • No technology today.
  • Leave work on time and dedicate 30 minutes to myself to go for a walk outside.
  • No negative self talk today, positive thoughts only.
  • Book a health appointment I’ve been putting off. After all, prevention is just as important as treatment.
  • Have one sugar in my coffee instead of two.
  • Ask for help to reduce stress.
  • Learn more about the nutritional benefits of the foods I eat regularly, is there a better option?

These are just a few ideas. Why not write a few of your own down and give it a try to improve your health today. Remember, change promotes change and nothing changes if we continue to do the same.