Why do staff keep asking who you are?

22 Nov 2018 4:39 PMTandem Health
Why do staff keep asking who you are?

You’ve been coming to our Practice for many years (thank you), yet our staff often ask for your basic identifying information - why?

This a fair question and one we are asked all the time. Many of our staff who regularly work on our reception desks know patients as a result of years of service / attendance. However, from time to time we have new staff, shift change overs or back of house staff covering certain periods of time on our reception desk.

It's important we ensure you are the right person and that you receive the right care, treatment and results. It’s vital that your safety and confidentiality is maintained. This is why we ask, check and re-check at every opportunity.

Please don’t be worried if our staff ask for your name, date of birth, address or to view your medicare card at each visit. We are simply using these identifiers as a checking mechanism to ensure we get things right.

Our staff might ask for identifying information when you are…

  • Making or attending an appointment ie on the telephone or at the reception desk
  • Entering our Surgery
  • Exiting our Surgery – ie for billing and check out purposes
  • Receiving prescriptions for medication or treatment
  • Having a procedure, ie a skin excision
  • At a medical staff shift change

We appreciate your assistance with this.

Thank you, Tandem Health